How To Make Six Figures In Two Hours Of Work…

I know, the title of this blog post sounds crazy, but I assure you it’s not, and I will explain exactly how I know that I have just given myself such a boost in annual revenue in (yes) just two hours of work.

Doing things right is one thing in business, but doing the right things is the most important thing. In fact, I propose that you should make a “Not To Do” list, to make sure you only do the things that YOU should be doing. Outsource everything else. For $4 per hour, a guy in the Philippines handles all of my monotonous, repetitive tasks, while I focus on the more long term, strategic work. And so should you!

So anyway, how did I just make an estimated $99,000 for the next year in two hours?

Here’s how: 

1. Know your numbers

(especially your average Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and your conversion rate of email subscribers to members/customers)

In the business of mine we are speaking of, my CLV is currently $125 USD (it will continue to go up as I test and optimize it).

My conversion rate of email subscribers to members is 8.7%. This is for my main funnel. And that will also go up over time too.

It’s also important to note here, that the average conversion rate and CLV will be different based on the lead source / free bait that they came into your funnel from .Get to know your numbers.

2. Log into Google Analytics.

Identify your top 2, 3, 5, 10 or however many posts (in terms of daily visits).

On the website in question, my top blog post gets 500 visits a day, while my 2nd top blog post gets 400 visits a day.

3. Create a free download

Or a free offering of some kind that is extremely well tied in to the topic of the blog post. In my case, I already had an eBook that is completely in line with the topic of my 2nd most popular blog post, so I made this into a free download.

4. Set it up in your email marketing software

I use Ontraport, because it’s awesomer than any other system out there IMHO. So I first of all make an opt in form that tags subscribers as having signed up for this particular free download, then adds them to my marketing funnel that has an 8.7% conversion rate.

I did this first one two days ago, and it’s currently an ‘in content’ opt in form that is viewable at two or three places within my blog post. I will split test and optimize it over time, but right now, version one is getting 12 email subscribers out of 400 visits. That’s a pretty low conversion rate, and should be easy to boost over time with A/B testing.

5. Rinse and repeat

After realizing that the 12 new email subscribers per day should bring me in an extra 1.044 new members every day, with an average CLV of $125 USD, that means 1.044 x $125 x 365 = 47,632 per year. And it took me all of about.. hmm, well… one freaking hour!!!!

If only I could get paid $47,000 per hour every freaking day! Well, that’s where focusing on the RIGHT things rather than ‘doing things right’ comes into play more than you have ever imagined.

So, after realizing what amazing results I have given to myself by doing this simple exercise, I then made a new free download for my most visited blog post, which gets on average around 500 visits a day, and if it gets a similar conversion rate, I will get maybe around 13 email addresses a day to begin with (until I optimize).

So these two blog posts will now pull in a total of 25 new email subscribers a day, leading to:

25 x 0.087 x $125 x 365 days = $99,234 per year.

And I will optimize it.

And I will do this for more blog posts.

And you can imagine what that will do for my bottom line.

And it took all of two hours so far.

And you can do it too.

Don’t be lazy. If you do anything this week, make sure you do this.

You will be able to give me a big ‘cyber hug’ when you see the extra cashola rolling in.





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