Your Business Is Unique. We Design Customized Funnels, Tailored To Your Needs.

We focus on building dynamic funnels that let you segment your leads based on their interests and their behaviour, supercharging your conversions of leads into raving customers.

In order to get the biggest return on your investment of acquiring leads, whether your traffic strategy consists of content marketing or paid advertising, you need funnels that have predictably reliable conversion rates.

Unlike many consultants out there, who know how to use various software but have never built funnels for their own businesses, I have spent the last four years tweaking and testing my own funnels.

I have created over 20 of my own information products and even pay people to create products for one of my companies.

I only mention this so you know that I’ve spent countless hours designing, building, measuring and refining dynamic funnels that convert cold paid traffic into customers.

Many consultants build funnels for their clients without ever finding out how those funnels convert. They get paid to build them, then they’re gone. I prefer to cultivate long term relationships with my clients, and work with you over the long term to continuously optimize your online marketing efforts so you can get a higher ROI.

What's the difference between a dynamic funnel and a conventional funnel?

While prospects all go through a conventional, 'one size fits all' funnel at the same pace, even if they take no action to consume your content, and even if they have wildly different needs and problems that they're looking to have solved, dynamic funnels are much more sophisticated.

With the power of automation from platforms like Ontraport and Infusionsoft, we are able to build funnels that segment prospects based on their interests, problems, skill levels and any other criteria they give us, as well as segmenting prospects based on what actions they take (or don't take) in our funnels.

As a result, what you have is a funnel that can give people the right content they want, and take measures to ensure that they consume that content before moving onto the next step.

We are also able to give each prospect a higher degree of personal attention and show a deeper understanding of their needs, and scale this into the hundreds of thousands.

This results in much higher consumption of your marketing messages, so that you can convert a much higher percentage of your prospects into customers.

This is done through the use of:

  • Custom Fields, used for segmentation surveys of your prospects as they enter your funnel
  • Tags, used to segment your prospects and customers based on actions they took or interests they have
  • Rules, used to trigger actions based on information your prospects give you about their individual situations, or based on actions they take (or don't take) in your funnel
  • Sequences, used to send prospects along different paths of communications, based on their individual interests and actions
  • Split Testing, of every single page, email and other step that your prospects will be shown as they travel through your funnel

This is what I have been practicing, day in day out, for the last several years. And I can help you to implement such a system to automate your entire customer lifecycle in your business.

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I highly recommend Luke for anyone wanting an online business. He has made it possible for me to get my work out into the world and continue to spend my time doing what I love.

Luke is skillful in many areas. He designed and built my marketing funnel, membership site and his team is also managing my paid advertising campaigns!

I also really enjoy time spent working with Luke. He is a easy to speak with, a clear communicator and all around great person.

Linda Burquez
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