How To Create Market Analysis Surveys Before Designing Your Marketing Funnel

market analysis surveys

The first thing you need to do before designing out any kind of marketing automation systems is to make sure that you have a deep understanding of your target customer. So how can you do this? If you don’t have a list of email subscribers yet, there are still some ways that you can go…

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The Ultimate Guide To Cart Abandonment In ONTRAPORT

Many digital marketers are often surprised to find out that the conversion rates on their checkout pages can be as low as 10%. In many cases, 33% is considered quite healthy… But think about that for a second… If all of your marketing efforts so far have: turned a cold prospect into a friend (through…

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How To Boost A Checkout Page Conversion Rate by 225 percent

optimize checkout page

You’ve probably heard that the checkout page of any typical e-commerce website often has a conversion rate of less than 33%. That’s pretty dismal, and should be an easy win for you to grab some low hanging fruit and optimize your site for sales conversions. Conversion optimization through split testing is a major priority on these pages.  So…

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The 6 Most Important Sales Funnel Metrics For Any Business

growing plants

I’m sure you know that if you want to scale your business predictably and to whatever degree you like, you need to master paid traffic. In my experience, the most successful strategy to convert paid traffic from Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or anywhere else into paying customers is by building an intelligent sales funnel that…

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Sales Funnel Tutorial 3: How To Ascend Customers Up Your Value Ladder

In this third sales funnel tutorial, we will look at how you should be maximizing profits at the point of sale in your marketing funnels, by offering cross sell and / or up sells. Note that any additional products or services you offer to a person who has just bought your main product should be…

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Sales Funnel Tutorial 2: How ONTRAPORT Can Help You Boost Profits

In this 2nd video on sales funnels, I will show you five ways that a powerful marketing automation software like ONTRAPORT will help you to boost profits in your marketing funnels. If you missed the first tutorial, you can watch it here. In the first video from this short series, I will explain what the…

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Sales Funnel Tutorial 1: The 2 Most Important Metrics You MUST Know!

In this video I’ll explain to you what I believe to be the two most important metrics you must know if you want to have a profitable marketing funnel. Once you know these numbers and you know that one of them is bigger than the other, you’ll be able to consistently generate revenue for your…

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