How To Boost A Checkout Page Conversion Rate by 225 percent

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You’ve probably heard that the checkout page of any typical e-commerce website often has a conversion rate of less than 33%.

That’s pretty dismal, and should be an easy win for you to grab some low hanging fruit and optimize your site for sales conversions. Conversion optimization through split testing is a major priority on these pages. 

So that’s exactly what I did, and I want to share with you what I did so that you can boost your site’s revenues in all of about, let’s say, 30 minutes… Sounds good? Great then! 😉

The first thing I should tell you is that I run a membership website. I brings in great money month after month, but once you get it to a certain point, the growth begins to stagnate as members start to quit. That’s when you start to take a long hard look at all of your metrics, so that you can grow it further with paid traffic.

It is essential that you accurately work out your Customer Lifetime Value when running any kind of continuity business. Not only that, but it is essential that you look at different cohorts, or groups of members, to find trends based on different pricing points, membership levels and other criteria.

Before getting this 225% increase, I should let you know that I had already invested heavily in having my membership site’s checkout page custom coded to optimize it for conversions. Here were the key features of it previously:

  • bullet points to remind prospects of what they will get when they sign up & remind them of the guarantee
  • remove the unnecessary fields such as physical address (I still ask for the country and zip code – country, because my accountant requires me to ask for tax reasons – oh Canada. And zip code to verify their card is genuine to reduce risk of fraud)
  • have as many fields above the fold as possible
  • a sentence summarizing the terms of the recurring payment and what they will get in exchange
  • SSL certificate and explaining that all personal / credit card info is encrypted and secure
  • social proof – testimonials
  • remove menu bar navigation, reducing the chance of distractions causing visitors to bounce off the page.

Checkout Page Conversion

Next, when setting up a split test, I kept the original how it was, and then made two very simple changes:

  1. I created a cart abandonment sequence consisting of 3 emails:
    • First email goes out 30 minutes after the contact lands on the checkout page, unless they have completed the checkout process by this time (I set this up using Ontrapoort)
    • Email 2 goes out one day later, urging them to come back and complete their order
    • Email 3 goes out one day after email two, doing the same thing (you can optionally offer a small percentage discount coupon off the first payment here if you want)
  2. Split tested the headline on the checkout page using Optimizely:
    • The original headline was just the name of the product (which was ‘Monthly Membership With 10 Day Trial’). This was automatically generated by my membership software to display on the checkout page. It could be a lot more enticing, so…
    • The variation 1 headline said ‘Join Now To Get Unlimited Access To Our Entire Course Library And Members-Only Community For Just $1 Today!’

The results: 

The goal I set up was ‘lands on confirmation page’.

Conversions on this page went from an appalling 14.29% to an astonishing 46.43% according to Optimizely.

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 1.27.17 PM

What else can be done:

Here are some things I will be testing next:

  • Other headlines
  • Other layouts of fields
  • More of a focus on risk reversal (the guarantee), possibly highlighted at the top of the page
  • More / different testimonials, especially ones that speak of the results and benefits our members have experienced
  • More / different copy on the value vs. the investment
  • Different overall layout of the entire page

In theory, if you boost this by 225%, you should get 2.25 times the number of new customers signing up on this checkout page. That is a major win!

Leave a comment below and share your thoughts and any other ideas on check page conversion optimization.


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