23 ONTRAPORT Integrations Everyone Should Know

This list of ONTRAPORT integrations should help you to add more power to your marketing and business automation, if you need to.

There are many things to love About ONTRAPORT,  AND it keeps getting better and better.

One of the most powerful features of the software is the fact that it is an all in one system. Whenever possible I personally prefer to avoid using third-party tools because I have learned from my mistakes of dealing with integration headaches.

However, even though ONTRAPORT  is a Swiss army knife for marketing and business automation there are use cases where it is necessary to integrate with other solutions.

I have put together this guide for you to discover some of the tools available that may enhance your business in conjunction with ONTRAPORT.

If you are a software developer and you make plug-ins or other tools that integrate with ONTRAPORT,  please feel free to contact me and I will update this blog post to include your tool.

ONTRAPORT Integration Tools

Integration tools can take a lot of the time and cost out of getting ONTRAPORT to talk with other systems. There are two integration tools that I have used and can recommend.

1. Fuzed


My favourite integration tool by far is Fuzed, which allows you to integrate ONTRAPORT  with a number of popular services, including GoToWebinar, Wistia, Shopify, Google Calendar, MemberMouse, Google Chrome Extension, Help Scout, Freshdesk and Zendesk.

Jake and his team provide excellent support and have even customised their solution for my own personal needs in the past, adding extra functionality to their integration with MemberMouse.

Here are some of the most exciting ways that you can use Fuzed to integrate other services with ONTRAPORT.

GoToWebinar Integration: Add registrants to countdown sequences and follow-up sequences for attendees and those who didn’t attend your webinars.

Wistia Integration: Trigger campaigns and sequences based on your viewers interaction with your videos. Track how much of your video your viewers watch and billed automations based on this.

MemberMouse Integration: Add new members to your database and update their status when they upgrade, downgrade, cancel their membership, when their payment status becomes overdue, and many other situations.

Zendesk Integration: Get a full picture of your customer and add or remove tags and sequences from within Zendesk.

Shopify: Synchronize your orders and your products in your Shopify account with ONTRAPORT. Trigger sequences, add and remove tags and fire rules in ONTRAPORT based on what actions users take in your shopping cart.

2. Zapier

While Zapier integrates with a much wider range of tools than Fuzed,  many of those integrations are very basic, and do not allow as tight an integration as Fuzed allows.

Also, in some cases, you may need to use Zapier’s email parser. In this case, you will be dealing with some fairly technical integration work, which will take up a lot of your time, and can be hard to get working correctly. You may find yourself needing to hire a freelancer to get your integration up and running.

This is why I recommend that you get creative with the many features of ONTRAPORT to build your systems, rather than trying to integrate with multiple applications.

Membership Plug-Ins And Learning Management Systems

3. MemberMouse


In most cases I would recommend any ONTRAPORT user to use PilotPress –  the membership plug-in for WordPress users by ONTRAPORT. The main reason for this is that PilotPress is designed by ONTRAPORT’s team to work extremely well with your ONTRAPORT account, and requires no integration work on your side.

However, there are some reasons why you may consider using one of the most powerful membership plug-ins available for WordPress users. After many weeks of research I came to the conclusion that member must is by far the most powerful solution available for membership WordPress websites.

Four of the most powerful features in MemberMouse that are not available in PilotPress are:

It can handle subscription payments using PayPal standard, without having to upgrade to PayPal pro.

You can create a series of down sells when a user clicks the cancel button to cancel their membership

MemberMouse can prorate payments when a user upgrades or downgrades their membership level

MemberMouse can do one click upsells using a member’s card on file, even months or years after that user has first purchased their membership.

MemberMouse can be integrated with on support using fuzedApp.

4. ONTRAPORT To Wishlist Plugin By IT MOOTI

One of the most popular WordPress membership plug-ins is WishList Member. Andrew Wadsworth at IT MOOTI and his team have created a plug-in that allows you to integrate Wishlist Member with ONTRAPORT. 

This can be very useful if you have an existing members area with WishList and you’re now upgrading to ONTRAPORT. it can save you time trying to learn a new membership plug-in like pilot press and ensures that you won’t lose any of the functionality present in WishList.

The plug-in allows you to add and remove access to different membership levels from your ONTRAPORT account using tags. You can test the plug-in out for free with their seven day trial.

5. WP courseware

I have been using this LMS (Learning Management System) plug-in for the last two years on my membership website. it allows you to create quizzes and, if you want to, you can block access to subsequent lessons until a user passes a quiz.

WP courseware also allows users to mark lessons as completed so that they can easily see their progress through your course.

You can also use their short codes to display their progress through all of the courses on your website.

6. LearnDash

LearnDash is another LMS plug-in for WordPress users that gives you many of the same features as WP courseware, with one or two extra features. I have not personally used this plug-in, but I have read many positive reviews from users.

One thing to be careful of with these LMS plug-ins, is that they have their own set of logic to protect pages in your website. Occasionally, you may experience access problems due to conflicts between your LMS plug-in and your membership plug-in.

From experience, my advice would be to use PilotPress if you’re using ONTRAPORT with a WordPress website,  and create quizzes using forms that you build in ONTRAPORT when possible. This has the added advantage of allowing you to trigger automations based on the answers members provide when they fill out your ONTRAPORT forms.

You can also use ONTRAPORT ’s tracked links in your membership website to record actions taken by your members and trigger automations such as sending emails whenever certain actions are taken.

Gamification, Quizzes, Surveys & Contests

By ‘gamifying’ your membership area, you can make it more engaging, causing users to log in more often and spend more time consuming your content.

7. WP Achievements

This WordPress plugin allows you to award points and badges to your members when they complete certain tasks. It works very well in conjunction with BBPress (WordPress forums software) and WP Courseware, because you can award points and badges to users who complete a module within a course, complete a course, reply to threads in your BBPress forum and start new threads.

Once users achieve a certain number of points, you can level up their status to any name you like, for example ‘Bronze Member’, Silver Member’, ‘Gold Member’. I’ve used this plugin on my membership site and it works very well.

8. BadgeOS

Very similar to WP Achievements, BadgeOS is a free alternative WordPress plugin that lets you easily create achievements and issue sharable badges as your users succeed.  I haven’t personally used this one, but it comes with an API that could let you integrate it with ONTRAPORT.

9. Heyo

Heyo claims to be the easiest way to create campaigns for Facebook that are mobile optimized.


Virality is built into Heyo campaigns and widgets, so your followers bring their friends to your campaign naturally.

Group Promos

Turn your audience into a marketing machine by creating a group deal. Control how many entries are needed to activate the deal. They win and so do you.


Heyo’s Deal template allows you to drive one click sales. Create urgency with a countdown and include product pictures and a description.

Heyo’s integration with ONTRAPORT and what is capable through this integration is explained in this article.

10. DilogR

DilogR is a custom engagement platform that integrates with ONTRAPORT. You can create quizzes, surveys and polls and issue instant reports to respondents, based on their score. You can also generate internal reports showing real time stats, gain insights and make decisions. It allows you to automate consultations with prospects.

You can add pop ups to images that contain facts about a product and link to a shopping cart page for that product.

You can create a self-personalizing deck of slides where your customer can decide the information that’s important to them. This also allows you to know more about your customer’s interests.

You can create personalized interactions with your prospects and customers by adding Q&A to deliver a virtual conversation and generate better qualified leads.

CountDown Timers

While ONTRApages features a countdown timer, it is not yet possible to create evergreen deadlines with it. I am sure the team at ONTRAPORT will be adding extra functionality to the countdown timer in the future, but currently there is one alternative that I highly recommend:

11. Deadline Funnel

Deadline Funnel is created by Jack Born, who is a marketer and developer. He has managed marketing for Perry Marshall.

Deadline Funnel allows you to create a range of countdown timers, but my favourite is their evergreen countdown. What makes their software so unique is that there are several very powerful features that are not possible with other countdown timers:

You can create a countdown timer that starts counting down from the moment a prospect subscribes and enters your database.

Based on when that prospects enters your database, you can have ONTRAPORT create ‘deadline text’ in your emails that may say something like ‘This offer expires at 11:59PM PST on Wednesday 24th January’.

You can add a countdown timer inside your actual emails!

No matter what device a contact uses to view your sales page, the countdown timer on that page will be synchronized across all devices. Deadline Funnel makes this possible by using the contact’s email address in the email link to the sales page, by the IP address and by some other methods.

This is the ultimate countdown timer for creating urgency in your evergreen marketing funnel.

Handwritten Postcards

12. MailLift

ONTRAPORT allows you to send out postcards from your ONTRAPORT account, but with MailLift you can have handwritten cards sent out to your contacts, all triggered by ONTRAPORT. This can be very useful if you are looking to give that personal touch to your marketing.

My real estate agent sends me and my wife birthday and Christmas cards every year, all handwritten by her. I keep thinking to myself how much time she could save every week if she used MailLife with ONTRAPORT. Needless to say she will be moving over to OP very soon.

Find out more about MailLift’s integration with ONTRAPORT and other services here.

Accounting & Bookkeeping Software

The most popular services for small business are Xero (which I personally recommend) and QuickBooks (also very solid).

These tools make it possible to integrate your accounting software with your ONTRAPORT account, making it easy to reconcile orders and refunds.


14. Connex For Quickbooks can be used if you are on a QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Wholesale & Manufacturing, or Enterprise account.

15. Cloud Cart Connector can be used if you are on a QuickBooks Online account.

Scheduling Appointments

16. OP-Calendar

OP-Calendar connects your Google Calendar with your OntraPort account and enables you to schedule online appointments with your clients.

ONTRAPORT Integrations – e-Commerce Tools

ONTRAPORT’s order forms are  highly customizable  and from many users they will be perfect for selling online, however, if you’re running an e-commerce website, you may want to look at dedicated shopping carts that integrate with ONTRAPORT.

17. ONTRAPORT Tracking for WooCommerce

I see a number of people looking to integrate ONTRAPORT with WooCommerce. This neat little extension from Premium Web Services allows you to track sales from your WooCommerce store in your ONTRAPORT account.  I haven’t personally tested this tool but for just £10 it is very affordable.

18. Connector4 WooCommerce For ONTRAPORT by Information Street

This is another plugin that allows you to integrate Woo with your OP account. Again, I haven’t personally used this plugin. It is worth looking into if you are looking for a way to get your WooCommerce to talk to your OP account.

19. Shopify (via FuzedApp.com)

Earlier in this article I mentioned FuzedApp. Fuzed makes it possible to have your Shopify orders get updated in your ONTRAPORT database, so you can keep track of which contacts have purchased which products from your store. This will allow you to trigger email campaigns automatically, such as customer on-boarding sequences.

20. SamCart

Not only does SamCart integrate with ONTRAPORT, it also integrates with popular membership plugins like MemberMouse, Wishlist Member, Digital Access Pass and OptimizeMember.

21. 1 Shopping Cart

This is another popular shopping cart software that integrates with ONTRAPORT. The integration again allows you to push product and purchase data into your OP database. You can learn more about how to integrate 1SC with ONTRAPORT here.

22. UltraCart

UltraCart is another shopping cart service that produces a robust set of features with an easy to use workflow and interface.

You can find out more about how to integrate it with ONTRAPORT here.

23. ClickBank

ClickBank is one of the world’s largest affiliate marketplaces. When a product is purchased in the ClickBank store, the ONTRAPORT integration makes it possible for you to add and update existing contacts, add new products if they don’t exist yet, add product transactions to the contact record and trigger rules based on the product purchase. It’s a very tight integration.

Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links. It makes no difference to you whether or not you purchase any of these products via my affiliate link, but I may earn a small commission if you purchase any of the products in this post via one of the links. If you don’t want to do that, you can visit their sites directly.

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Luke Ward

Luke Ward is the founder of AutomationXL.com. He is an Ontraport Certified Consultant and sales funnel specialist. Please contact Luke today if you're looking for sales funnel builds, marketing automation advice or migrations to Ontraport from other systems.

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    Hey Luke, great article! Do you know if you can embed a Deadline Funnel countdown timer on an Ontrapage? I’d love to use this but there’s no way to embed code on Ontrapages… fingers crossed you’ve found a work-around, because this is a really cool tool!

    • Luke Ward

      Hey Dawn! I don’t know a way to do that with ONTRApages. Hopefully they’ll let us add html in the future.

  • Hey Luke, just wanted to add a new suggestion to your list. WP Fusion just expanded their CRM support to covert Ontraport… so all of the plugin’s existing features now work with Ontraport. There are plugin integrations for LearnDash, MemberMouse, WooCommerce, EDD, Sensei, and a lot more. Check it out. I think it’s a lot easier for end users than piecing together a dozen different plugins.

  • HI Luke, I’m hoping you can help me! I blog on my WordPress site and I would like to automatically send each blog post out to my Ontraport contacts list. I tried downloading WP-easy Post Mailer but that looks like it would require me to maintain two separate email lists, one on ontraport and one on my site. Is there any other way to do it? I’m beginning to think I need to manually post my post into an ontramail and send it. Is that the best way? thanks! Annie

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    Hey Luke,

    Thanks for the great article!
    BTW, is there a direct integration between Ontraport and WP Achievements. I am thinking about creating tags according to ranks or achievements. And also send custom emails to members when they achieve a badge… Any suggestions?



  • Joseph Riggio

    Luke, really nice article, thanks. I’m on the edge about a few things with Ontraport, but overall a big fan … one of the deep questions I have is whether or not to move to a “one system” platform as much as possible with Ontraport at the center of things, e.g.: funnels and campaigns vs. Clickfunnels for the front end with Ontraport carrying the back end.

    But, I’m curious in your experience when you integrate SamCart and use it to process payments does all the client information get updated in both systems so that it’s like a replicate record?

    I’m asking specifically, because we use Kajabi for membership (the new platform). I love Kajabi, and may begin to use LearnWorlds for some deep courses too. I’d love to have one system in place to gather all that information, and a place where it all shows up in collective reporting as well, so therefore connecting SamCart to everything and using it for collecting payments.

    We’re also about integrate with ConversionFly, Todd Brown’s new software platform, for tracking the results of our funnels and campaigns with a much more granular and integrated view of how things are working in real time as well.